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Welcome To Our New Brookwood PTA Website!  

Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to stay informed about the Brookwood PTA. 



Welcome Brookwood Elementary families,

The PTA Board is looking forward to a great school year. With our new website we are making it easier for you to stay connected with PTA and the school community.

In the upcoming 2015-2016 school year, the Brookwood PTA families will focus on improving our science and technology programs, as well as improving our playground, but the most exciting thing will be the 7 Mindsets Program. This is a school-wide program to help student’s change the way students think about themselves, their environment, and their future.


Estimated Budget Needs for Program Goals or Write A Check

Technology and Website Subscriptions                   $17,500

Science Lab                                                             $10,000

Teacher Support and Periodicals                             $7,000

Counseling and 7 Mindsets Program                       $5,510 

Playground Equipment                                             $5,000

                                           Total                            $45,010

With your help we can fund all these needs and prepare our students for a bright future. Register and get ready to explore all the wonderful things that are planned for the students and how you can get involved.