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Teacher of the Year Luncheon

Congratulations to Ms. James, and thank you to all the volunteers who contributed to the Teacher/Staff Luncheon by making soups, salads, and pasta. A special thank you to PTA volunteers Dawn Lockert and Wynne Benson, Co-Directors of Hospitality, Divya Mistry for making a special banner, and Monica Schnitzer for making the cake.

TOTY - 7

TOTY - 12

Board Openings 2015-2016

Update (3/26/15)

The Nominating Committee has selected the candidates below for next year’s PTA Board. The Committee is still seeking two more volunteers to serve as VPs. Per our bylaws, we must have 6 vice presidents. Elections will be held at the PTA Meeting at 5:45pm on April 24th (immediately before Science Night).


The nominated candidates are:

Co-Presidents: Dawn Lockert & Kathi Freet

Treasurer:     Lisa Hart

Secretary:     Ginny Fox

VP Community & Communications: Nicole Ponziani

VP Family Engagement 1: Heather Scott

VP Family Engagement 2: Dara Saul

VP Student Life: Amber Adams

VP Fundraising (merchant rewards, write a check campaign, partners in education): Open

VP Student Enrichment (Reflections, Honoring our Heroes, School Store, Science Night): Open


Other VIP Leaders who volunteered for next year are:

Co-Directors, Hospitality: Michele Lockwood & Katherine Feeney

Director, Communication: Kim Smith (Room Parent Coordination and Social Media)

Director, Spirit Wear: Divya Mistry

Chairperson, Tomcats: Dennis Walczak

Co-Chairpeople, Merchant Rewards: Lisa Share

Chairperson, School Supply Kits: Elisabeth Smith

Chairperson, Reflections: Nora Bruey

Chairperson, Science Night: Nora Bruey

Chairperson, School Store: Kim Smith

Chairperson, Mother Son Event: Tabitha Racki

Chairperson, 5th Grade Celebration: Tabitha Racki

Chairperson, Internaional Night: Alejandra Ramirez


We still need help for the following positions:

VP, Fundraising (Partners in Education, Write a Check Campaign, Merchant Rewards)

VP, Student Enrichment (Reflections, Honoring our Heroes, School Store, Science Night)

Director, Partners in Education

Finance Director

Chairpeople for the following committees:
Bingo Night
Daddy Daughter Event
Fall Festival/Monster Dash
Holiday Shop
Bobby's Manager

Can you help? No experience is required, and it doesn't take as much time as you think. It's a very rewarding way to get involved with the school, meet like-minded parents, be a hero to your kids, continue providing resources for teachers and staff, continue improving the educational experience for our kids. There are so many reasons to volunteer.

Please visit  http://www.brookwoodpta.org/register/nomination to nominate yourself or someone you know. 



CALLING ALL BOBCAT PTA MEMBERS!  It’s that time of year again!  The PTA Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for the positions of:

VP - Community & Communications
VP - Family Engagement 1
VP - Family Engagement 2
VP - Fundraising
VP - Student Enrichment
VP - Student Life

We also need to fill Director Positions for:
Partners in Education
Spirit Wear

Officers' and Directors' terms are one year in length. Officers (Pres, Treasurer, Secretary, VP) are expected to attend 10 Monthly Executive Meetings and 4 General PTA Membership Meetings. They're also expected to attend the following events as needed: Open House, Committee Chair Meetings, Program Events, Training & Workshops, PTA Retreat, PTA Trainings.

We are seeking Committee Chairs for:
Bingo Night
Daddy Daughter Event
Mother-Son Event
Fall Festival or Movie Night
Open House
International/Heritage Night
Family Education Nights
School Store
Honoring our Heroes
Science Night
Arts in Education
Holiday Shop
5th Grade Celebration
Milestones Celebration

Committee chairs are responsible for budgets, excecution, volunteers, meetings, and reporting.

The Nomination Committee is seeking candidates for all positions. Please consider volunteering for one of these critical leadership positions. Think of people you know who are leaders within the classroom, parent groups, or the community, and speak with them about becoming a PTA leader in our school. Click here to nominate yourself or someone you know.  

Holding a PTA leadership role is a very rewarding experience. You'll work along side of like-minded parents, and you'll have a tremendous impact on the quality of our children's education and education environment.

Questions? See the job descriptions below first, then contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with any questions.

For more information about each position, see the files below. (Click on the title and, click on "Download File!" on the second screen as well.)

Job Description President.pdf Download 

Job Description Treasurer.pdf Download 

Job Description Secretary.pdf Download 

VP Communications - Comm Engagement.pdf Download 

VP Family Engagement 1.pdf Download 

VP Family Engagement 2.pdf Download 

VP Fundraising.pdf Download 

VP Student Enrichment.pdf Download 

VP Student Life.pdf Download 

Director of Finance.pdf Download 

Director of Health and Wellness.pdf Download 

Director of Spirit Wear - NEW.pdf Download 

Director of Student Life - NEW.docx Download 

Directors of Partners in Education.pdf Download 



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